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Ability to Drag and Rearrange Filters/Segments at the top of a Workspace Panel


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Currently you can add multiple filters and drop-down (including the new dynamic drop-downs) to the top of a panel. In order to help my end-users there's often a logical order to these filters, often going down in granularity from left to right. If a request is made to add a new filter the only option at the moment is to add it to the right. Considering everything else in the project is drag and drop to move/rearrange can functionality be added to all the panel filters/segments to be dragged around to change their order?


The only option at the moment if you really want the filters/segments in a specific order is to delete them and re-add in the order you want.


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Also, the ability to reorder items inside of dropdowns... I have a global suite with about 30 websites... on most of my reports I have a "Site" dropdown so that the report can focus on individual sites.... I like to keep the order consistent: Flagship Site first (as this is the most important), then the 6 sites that publish daily content, in order of importance, then the remaining 25 community sites in alphabetical order.


If I miss a site, or accidentally delete one... I have to rebuild the drop down... or delete all the bottom items until where I need to slot in the missing one, then re-add all the items....