Ability to Choose ACS Data Being Integrated with Adobe Analytics



Adobe Campaign

Use Case: Our business has departments and business functions using ACS with their own "Brand Instance" within ACS. Example: Sub brands of our company who send visitors via email to one or more websites we own. We have separated report suites within Adobe Analytics for our sub brands and our various websites/apps. We would like to send our ACS data into their corresponding report suite relevant to their website and/or sub brand.

Issue: Currently the new Adobe Campaign Standard integration with Adobe Analytics brings all campaign data into the selected Adobe Analytics report suite, not just specific "Brand instances" or "Programs".

Feature/Idea Request: Allow for more ability when setting up the ACS and Adobe Analytics integration to filter for specific data based on all or most of the variables available in ACS (brand, delivery, program, etc). This would allow us to provide email metrics and data in Adobe Analytics per report suite that is relevant to the website or sub brand owning those report suites and not see a bunch of ACS data not relevant to their business function.