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Ability to Build a Segment Based Upon a Visit Path


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I would like to have the ability to build a DW/ASI/Discover Segment based upon a specific path website visitors have taken.  For example, if a bunch of website visitors have gone to a specific path (i.e. Home Page, then a specific Product Page and then Exited), I would like to build a segment of all of those people so I can analyze them in greater detail (i.e. see what Campaigns they came from).  I would be ok with this only allowing basic paths (say under 3-4 pages).



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This is very closely related to the Idea I submitted for building Fall Outs that include both Variables, Events, and Page Views - effectively you could build one of these fall outs I describe and then have the option button to "Define Segment"


IDEA: Fallouts with Variables & Events, not just Pages


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Adam, did you know this feature is supported in Omniture Insight?




I wonder how long before Omniture starts to merge Discover and Insight since there are many overlapping use cases/capabilities?


Sigh.  I'm off to propose an easy-to-use Advanced Segment Builder utility for Insight (similar to the one Discover has). :0)


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Great idea Adam. You can fake it using a previous page value prop plus the page name in Discover, but the real thing would be great.




Thanks for pushing this, everyone. The Discover (Ad hoc analysis) segment builder now allows you to build segments based on sequence. These blog posts explain how to use it:

While the ability to "build" segments is limited to Ad hoc analyis, once those segments are shared, they are visible to everyone in Marketing Reports and Analytics (SiteCatalyst).