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The Impact of Apple's New App Tracking Transparency Framework on Adobe Analytics


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Hi everyone! We have received many questions about the impact of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency on Adobe Analytics and hope to address some questions you might have.

Note: all information contained on this page is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as legal advice.

What is Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework?

Apple’s ATT framework requires organizations to obtain user authorization to share their data where the app (i) collects the user’s data and, (ii) shares said user’s data with other organization’s for the purpose of tracking the user across different apps and websites.

What changes are coming with Apple's ATT framework?

Starting with iOS 14.5, app developers will be required to request user permission to track users across different apps and websites.

How does Apple’s ATT framework impact my organization’s usage of Adobe Analytics?

Apple’s ATT framework should not impact your organization’s usage of Adobe Analytics if the data collected by Adobe Analytics is not shared with another organization for the purpose of tracking a user across different apps and/or websites. For example, user data collected by Adobe Analytics on your organization’s mobile platform can be shared with your organization or within other Adobe services you may license, without requiring user permission, because user data is being shared internally or by your organization.

If your organization uses Adobe Analytics to collect user data and then shares that data with a different organization for the purpose of tracking your users, then you will need to comply with the requirements set out by Apple.  

What changes do I need to make to accommodate Apple's changes in iOS 14.5?

Your organization can determine what changes, if any, are required by reviewing Apple's Terms of Service and how you collect and use data from your iOS applications.  

Does Adobe Mobile SDK collect Identifiers for Advertisers (“IDFA”) automatically?

No. The only way a device's IDFA could potentially be passed to Adobe Analytics is if you explicitly customized your implementation to collect it.

Does Adobe Analytics use/require Apple's ATT framework?

Adobe Analytics does not require the ATT framework in order to operate but, depending on the way you use Adobe Analytics to collect and use data, you may be required to use the ATT framework. You should consult Apple's documentation and their Terms of Service to determine the appropriate use of Apple's ATT framework as it relates to your implementation of Adobe Analytics.

For additional information, see Adobe Experience Cloud & Apple’s IDFA, Privacy Announcement. Feel free to respond here with questions or comments, and we are happy to provide further clarification from there. Thanks!

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