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Read only access to Dashboard and reports to users



Is it possible to give read-only access to Adobe Analytics Dashboard to my users where they should not have "Layout feature" active or something like that

I just want to avoid any inadvertent edits made to the dashboard or to the individual reports.

I want to give access to the Individual Reports too in dashboards as Dashboards does not show entire data.


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I guess "Layout feature" is available by default to all users. There is no restriction to hide Layout option in dashboard. Admin user can share (or push) a dashboard to multiple users. When you push dashboards to users, the dashboards become available in user's Shared Dashboards menu.

If shared users of your dashboard cannot see changes you made in the dashboard, check your Dashboard Manager to see if the users have chosen the Copy Me option. If they did, they cannot see the updates/changes made by you. To see all the changes/updates, shared users need to select the On Menu option in the Dashboard Manager.

More information on Manage dashboards is at Manage shared dashboards



Once 'pushed' to users,  they can made edits to the dashboards or whole set of reports in the dashbaords.

I wish to avoid this somehow.


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You could create a curated workspace project, and only include the dimensions/metrics that you want them to access.


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i use to make a copy of the oringinal dashboard with name and tag "shared". i then share the copied dashboard which gives me the opportunity to always "redo" the user savings.

only bad thing: if someone has a schedule over the copy the schedule gets lost ... not perfect but a nice work around ...