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Organizations that use multiple languages - feedback requested!


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Hello Analytics community!

One of our community members recently brought to our attention a component in Usage Logs that makes it difficult to use. A given log is recorded in the language of the user performing the task, not the language of the individual viewing the logs. While this is not an issue for organizations who use a single language, performing any kind of analysis on companies that use multiple languages can be quite burdensome.

As it turns out, fixing this on the backend is not nearly as easy as we'd hoped, so we would like to get your perspective on how we want to prioritize this.

  • Do users in your organization view Adobe Analytics in multiple languages?
  • What difficulties have you had performing analysis on data obtained from Usage Logs due to events appearing in different languages?

Your feedback will help us determine the time frame for releasing a resolution to this. Thanks so much!

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We are severely affected by this as a global company. We can pretty much only use the numeric event id because of this and it's not feasible to analyze usage of, for example, specific Workspace Projects.

But even in my previous companies with just a single language I was surprised to find the logs in the user's language. From my experience, also because of some, well, "creative" localization, there will always be some users who will use the English interface and thereby create additional line items in reports. My expectation is that logs are always in English.


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The thing is that as an Admin you cannot control in which language somebody uses AA. Everybody decides this for him/herself.
So if I have some Spanish speakers in my org who use AA in Spanish, I already have the problem.
Adobe tends to automatically switch the language of its products to the language it thinks is best for the user (if only the translations were good...), so it happens quickly, especially in global organizations or in countries with multiple languages or large migrant populations.


Either Adobe gives Admins  a way to force a language to users (which would be very appreciated, too, so people don't get lost in translations anymore), or the logs need to be in one language. 



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it is also a chicken and egg question a bit.


when I first started to look at the logs, I found out that they are in multiple languages... I then said oooph, dealing with this will take ages, and postponed my work on it for a long time until I started touching them again (and then only in a very limited way (I only look at Project Creations, Project Views, and Logins now because I have no fun identifying all the other language versions of the other events).


so bad log quality also causes this to be less of a pain because many may not use the logs in the first place due to that