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Internal Campaign


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Hope someone can assist on the below.

We are currently tracking external campaigns using DTM as per below.


We are now looking to track internal campaigns. The query param for internal campaigns will "icid".

We are toying with the idea of creating an eVar in Adobe Analytics and using getQueryParameter plug-in DTM.

The code should look something like this, s.eVar46 = s.Util.getQueryParam("icid");

Wondering if this is best practice or are there any alternative methods we should consider.

Open to suggestions.

Thanking you in advance.



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Use a query parameter for "internal" campaign is generally not a good idea if your site is publicly accessible or index-able as it will completely skew your metrics if that URL get indexed and passed along. You will need to get a bit more involved depending on how complex and sparse your internal campaigns are setup.

We usually recommend using a cookie or local storage at the session level to track "internal" campaigns, in the case of e-commerce when a user interacts with a product you set storage and pick it up from the PDP and send off with an eVar.

Hope that helps.


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rel=canonical tags mean pages with parameters shouldn't get indexed by e.g. Google, Bing, etc. Assuming by "indexed" you mean in search engines for SEO.


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Agree with Rawsofts point 2. make the evar session level. Keep it separate from the s.campaign variable though or have 2 evars 1 for int and 1 for external.

The great advantage in doing that is you can then map Campaign influence for both external and Internal campaigns simultaneously on the same page if relevant).

Good luck