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Adobe Analytics Workspace is very slow


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My Adobe Analytics workspace is very slow. I use Chrome and my internet speed is fast. I also checked the Adobe System Status and no maintenance is schedule.

Although, I have noticed that when I use segments in workspace then it become terribly slow and after sometime I get logged out without any results.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Any help would be appreciate.



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Employee Advisor

Hi Ayush, there are a number of things that can contribute to slowless of a project.

  • Are you dealing with chronic slowness, or is it just occasional?
  • Does the slowness occur across all projects? Across all browsers?

I know I ran into some slowness when I was working with a data set using over 500 million hits, had an aggressive filter applied, and applied a breakdown to 400 values. I would expect that to run slow. Do you hit a threshold with slowness after doing a certain action?


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Not the original person to ask the question, but I am facing slow UI to the point of being actually unusable.

I have about 100 columns in the data and a total of few thousand rows (less than 5000), but it is still extremely slow.

What could I be doing wrong?


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Experienced and still experience the same issue on Firefox. Switching to Chrome resolved it. Not sure why.

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