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What makes Experience League great? Its global community of passionate and knowledgeable members who are eager to learn, grow, and excel together. With the Community Advisors Program, members have access to a network of peers who are experts in various Experience Cloud products.


Community Advisors are considered thought leaders and experts in Experience Cloud products. They take on the responsibility of mentoring, teaching, and encouraging other members, while creating content like blog posts and participating in or leading virtual and in-person events. Members who have the required passion, drive, and expertise can apply to become a Community Advisor.

The Community Advisor Program creates unique opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and helps power a thriving, friendly community where everyone can give and receive support or guidance. After all, Experience League is about enabling the success of every member. 

So, jump into the community. Get to know our Community Advisors. Explore content and start making connections that can help you grow and excel. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Community Advisor, refer to the frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Community Advisor Program:


Who can apply to be a Community Advisor?

Any Adobe Digital Experience Cloud user can apply. To be considered for the program, you must meet these qualifications:

  • Achieve Level 6 in Experience League Communities (including Marketo Engage and Adobe Commerce communities).
  • Have subject matter expertise of at least one Adobe Experience Cloud product.
  • Message @seanrobinson if interested in becoming an Adobe Analytics Community Advisor.
  • Fill out the application form here.

New Community Advisors that have been accepted into the program will be announced each quarter of the calendar year.


When can a person apply?

Community members can apply after achieving Level 6 in the community. If a person applies and does not qualify, that person should wait three months before applying again. Once a member qualifies and is selected to be a Community Advisor, that person will be subject to periodic reviews to ensure Community Advisor criteria is being met.


How are advisors selected?

Once a user completes and submits the Community Advisor Interest Form, solution-specific Community Managers will review the applicant’s qualifications and eligibility (must have achieved Level 6). Managers will review the applicant’s profile, activity within the community, and demonstrated knowledge of the relevant solution. Note that each solution community is different and there is no single set of criteria. It is up to the discretion of the Community Managers to determine eligibility based on expertise and engagement. However, applicants who have demonstrated expertise by contributing to the ideas section, writing blogs, being active in the community, and acting as solution evangelists will be strongly considered.


What’s expected of a Community Advisor?

With great recognition comes responsibility. Community Advisors must complete the following during each calendar year in order to maintain their status:

  • Monthly participation in Adobe Digital Experience Communities (answering questions or posting new discussion topics).
  • Contribute to the Experience League Ideas section and create new blog posts monthly.
  • Attend Adobe product deep dive sessions.
  • Encourage new users to get involved in the community.
  • Recommend other community members who could be a good fit for the Community Advisor Program.

Additionally, Community Advisors are encouraged to:

  • Write a product review of your experience using at least one Adobe Digital Experience Cloud product on G2 and TrustRadius.
  • Share your Adobe Digital Experience Cloud product experience with customers or prospects during a reference call
  • Actively promote Adobe Experience League Community on social media and during speaking engagements, webinars, and other events.


How long is the commitment?

12 months. In order to maintain Community Advisor status beyond 12 months, if desired, one must complete the yearly requirements outlined above. (See “What’s expected of a Community Advisor?” above.)


What are the benefits of being a Community Advisor?

Community Advisors enjoy numerous benefits and perks, including:

  • Thought leadership opportunities.
  • Optional speaking engagements, like webinars, in-person events, blogs, etc.
  • Eligibility to lead and speak at Adobe User Group meetings.
  • Possible recognition on Adobe Experience League Community, Adobe.com, Adobe social media, and other digital channels.
  • Personalized headshot banners to be used on social media and within Adobe Experience League Community.
  • Chance to be featured in Community Advisor showcase videos.
  • A listing on the Community Advisor showcase page.
  • Exclusive swag.
  • Digital Experience Community moderator status or equivalent access.
  • Opportunity to be part of bi-annual product calls with Adobe Product team to share feedback and guide product improvement.
  • Vouchers to complete Adobe Digital Experience certifications.
  • Consideration to participate in Adobe product beta testing and early adopter programs.


Do you need to reapply?

Community Advisors will be reviewed annually to ensure they are maintaining a high level of engagement and contribution within the community. In the event an Advisor is found to not be meeting requirements, they may be subject to down-leveling of status and will have until the next review cycle to demonstrate commitment and meet requirements again. Persons who are unable to do so will then be removed from the program and will need to go through the application process again in the future to be reconsidered for the program.

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