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Social media in generic and Facebook in particular is the main platform where I am advertising. How can I track Facebook Accounts? Please provide the set up details

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Hi Sushant,

Here are the steps to setup a Facebook account: 

To enable tracking of an account, you must create a corresponding account record in Media Optimizer containing the account access credentials and tracking options and with access to the account enabled.

(If you are logged in to another Facebook account in the same browser application) Log out of any Facebook account other than the advertiser's.

In the main menu, click Social > Campaign Management > Facebook, and then click the Accounts tab.

In the toolbar above the data table, click Create Account.

Specify the account settings:

On the Network Settings tab, do the following:

In the Network menu, select Facebook.

Allow Media Optimizer to access the account using the Facebook API:

Click Enable Connection.

(If you're not logged in to the advertiser's Facebook account) Log in to the advertiser's Facebook account, using the advertiser's email address and password.

The authentication string is automatically added to the FB Access Token field.

Specify the remaining social network account settings.

(Optional) Click the Tracking Method tab, and change the default tracking settings.

(Optional) Click the Dynamic Substitution tab, and define naming formats and dynamic variables for the account:

(Optional) Define the formats of new ad set names and new ad group names.

(Optional) Specify dynamic variables, and any custom values to substitute for specific database values, in any of the following ways:

Use the standard database values for new ads, without any custom values, by clicking Use standard definitions.

Upload a file that contains the dynamic variable names and any corresponding custom values for each variable:

In the Substitution Definitions section, click Choose File and locate the file on your computer or network.
The file must follow the required format and include supported customizable parameters. Not all parameters support custom values.

Click Load definitions to validate the data.

(Optional) If you have entered any parameters in the Append Parameters field, confirm their syntax and that they are supported for the relevant search engine by clicking Validate.

Note: If the system detects any errors with the parameters, you can still save the account record.

(Optional) To download a copy of the current dynamic variable definitions, click Save definitions to a file and open or save the file according to the browser's normal procedure.

Note:  After you save your configurations, they are not visible and can't be edited within the user interface. If you want to change the existing configurations and don't remember what you've already saved, start over.

Click Save.

I hope this helps.


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