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[QUIZ] Analytics for Advertising Cloud - Tips & Tricks | APAC | Participate Now!


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Q1: What Analytics Metrics Can be Used for Ad Cloud Adobe Sensei Bidding?

  1. a. Standard Events and Custom Events
  2. b. Segments
  3. c. Calculated Metrics

Q2: What does the "View Through" Metric indicate?

  1. a. A View Through Conversion (e.g. an order driven by a View-through)
  2. b. The number of times visitors land on the site after seeing an ad impression and not having a click recently
  3. c. I'm not sure

Q3: Does the last event code work for "Click-Through" tracking as well as" View-Through" tracking?

  1. a. Yes, but click macros can be useful to track clickthrough's when 3rd party cookies are not supported
  2. b. No, last event code only works for view through tracking
  3. c. I'm not sure

Q4: What Adobe Tool Integrates Ad Cloud with Adobe Analytics

  1. a. Server Side Forwarding
  2. b. Audience Analytics
  3. c. Analytics for Advertising Cloud
  4. d. All of the Above

Q5: What is the best way to find Ad Cloud Dimensions? (choose 2 correct answers)

  1. a. Search "Ad Cloud"
  2. b. Search "(AMO ID)"
  3. c. Search "#advertising Analytics"
  4. d. All of the Above
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