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Learn more about Advertising Cloud @ Adobe Summit 2018!



Adobe Summit is here! Registration for seats in sessions is filling up quickly. If you’re an Advertiser or a Digital Marketer and are having doubts on deciding on your schedule, below we’ve compiled a list of Adobe Advertising Cloud sessions in Summit 2018. Check them out and you can also come back here with your questions after attending the sessions.

Tuesday, March 27

S706 - Optimizing Paid Search Campaigns with Website Analytics

Manu Malhotra - Associate Delivery Manager – Ad Cloud, Adobe

Tucker Christiansen - Analytics Integration Manager, Ad Cloud, Adobe

Today, marketers are often overwhelmed with disparate data sources. However, Adobe's integration between Advertising Cloud and Analytics Cloud offers marketers a streamlined solution for leveraging Analytics data to drive increased paid search performance. It also opens the door to deeper analysis and understanding the impact of search. Join us as we walk through benefits of the Advertising Cloud integration with Analytics. In this session you will walk away with actionable tips & tricks to take your search program to the next level!

Learn how to:

  • Optimize search campaigns in Advertising Cloud with metrics from Analytics
  • Deepen analysis of search performance and impact through Analysis Workspace
  • Leverage Analytics segments in Advertising Cloud to target search bidding

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S801 - Data-driven Advertising: A Single Source of Truth

Ian Monaghan - Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Ben Hemphill - VP Digital Marketing, Analytics and CRM, Crocs

Struggling advertisers are overwhelmed with time-consuming manual processes and validation of scattered data sources. In contrast, successful advertisers establish a single source of truth and automate basic repetitive reports. This strategy unites the analytics and advertising teams by making more time for advanced segmentation, scalable personalization, and reliable forecasting. Hear how Adobe’s integration between analytics, media, and third-party partners can accelerate your advertising insights.

Learn about:

  • The value when marketers use data to drive advertising strategy
  • Different ways marketers can execute tactical audience buys
  • How the power of data and analysis can be applied to other channels

This session is relevant to both beginner and advanced marketers.

Register - https://adobesummit.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=6401

S810 - Trending Topics in Advertising

Toccara Baker - Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

  1. Ads.txt, header bidding, supply path optimization, people-based targeting, GDPR. The advertising technology industry is rapidly changing as is the technology that powers it. As advertisers struggle to keep up with our industry's "latest hot topic," we aim to help them understand the impact of each issue on their marketing strategy and objectives. Join us for a candid discussion on the latest trending topics, what they mean for brands and agencies, and how Adobe is building technology to address each one.

Learn about:

  • The value and limitations of the ads.txt initiative
  • How complete value chain transparency will be achieved
  • How header bidding and first-price auctions can affect your strategy

This session is relevant to all marketers.

Register - https://adobesummit.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=6670

Wednesday, March 28

S806 - The Art and Science of Personalized Ad Experiences

Justin Merickel - VP, Advertising Cloud, Adobe

Ericka Carr , MGM Resorts

You bought the ad space, and now it's time to show an ad. Decisions made in that micro-second can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign—the creative the customer interacts with affects the perception of your brand. Learn how Adobe delivers data-driven, personalized campaigns, and hear about Adobe’s vision for collaborative tools to empower creative and marketing teams to deliver engaging customer experiences.

Learn about:

  • The role of data-driven creative strategies
  • How brands have personalized their creatives
  • Adobe’s vision for seamless integrations between creative and marketing tools

This session is for all marketers.

Register - https://adobesummit.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=6668

S805 - AI in Search: What Does It Mean for Advertisers?

Pete Kluge - Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

Billy Chambers - Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Crocs, Inc.

Search advertising is complex. Marketers navigate billions of data points, thousands of keywords, and dimensional data like audience, device, geography and time. With increasing data, audiences and inventory sources there are staggering amounts of decisions to be made, too complex for humans to drive optimal performance. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps solve these challenges.

Hear about:

  • The evolution of search advertising from rules-based to AI powered optimization
  • How AI & ML solve complex search advertiser challenges
  • How Adobe Sensei powers Ad Cloud Search

This session is for Search advertisers and digital marketers in all industries.

Register - https://adobesummit.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=6668

Thursday, March 29

S808 - Choosing a DSP Partner

Hosana Thomas - Manager, Product Marketing, Adobe

Lana Silva - Senior Account Manager, Proof of Concepts, Adobe

Adam Allamar - Sr. Marketing Director - Head of Digital Acquisition at Barclays, Barclays

Today’s consumers don’t have linear journeys. Technology has both advanced and fragmented in where and how people consume media. This evolution places increasing pressure on marketers to hone in on more holistic advertising strategies to plan, buy, measure, and optimize media investments in a way that more closely resembles the fluid nature and consumption habits of their audience. Hear how brand marketing execs have embarked on this journey, how they navigated external challenges and overcame internal obstacles.

Learn how:

  • Consumption changes affect marketers' single view of their consumers
  • Achieving a truly holistic advertising strategy can be accomplished
  • Activation, planning, and measurement is simplified by programmatic software

This session is for all marketers.

Register - https://adobesummit.lanyonevents.com/2018/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=6144

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