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Is there an Adobe Ad software that allows me to launch ads to multiple platforms (like Google Facebook and Twitter) via one software or cloud app?


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I have experience in CC for my print advertising business. We are just starting to go digital and we are working on our first bid. The bid requirements are long but monthly they expect reports of the list below.... Seems basic. This is the partial list of my customers requirements below and I need to know if Adobe Advertising or any softwares in the cloud would be a good platform for me to use on my clients behalf? I am mostly concerned about monthly reports. I have some experience in digital advertising but this would be a huge step up from the level of job that I usually take on. I would prefer to use ONE SOLUTION to launch GOOGLE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ads for the entire project but something tells me they are going to require data that only direct Google Facebook and Twitter advertising accounts will be able to pull up.

Is there even a Adobe Ad software that allows me to launch ads to multiple platforms (like google facebook and twitter per my clients request) via one software? Just curious. Or will I have to do my own ads individually on every platform and then just link adobe to track results? Is that what Adobe Advertising is for? I really have read through a lot of posts and tried to understand but it offers so much I don't do it gets really confusing. We don't use TV or Radio. We strictly want to offer Digital Advertising for a client who needs more positions filled. PPC.

What Adobe Software or Cloud Can Provide These Basic Stats Monthly For My Customers on Their Future Campaign In The Easiest Way Possible, All In One Place?
a. Channel/Placement of the advertisement;
b. The dates the advertisement was in effect;
c. Target Audience to include demographic information and location;
d. Impressions Contracted;
e. Impressions Delivered;
f. Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) of advertisements placed;
g. Cost of agency/design/production fees;
h. Total clicks;
i. Click-through Rate (CTR);
j. Demographic information, including how the ads performed for the target audience;
k. Photographs and/or snapshots of advertisements placed, with at least one (1) example per version, per platform;
Thank you for your time, expertise and experience.
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Where are you based? We can connect you with a sales specialist in your region who can give you more information about our solutions. Thanks!