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Adobe Search (Novice Question) CPC Bidding & Setup


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Hello Experts, 


I have a question that I cannot find an answer for. I have extensive knowledge in Google ads and my gut feeling says something is missing the mark on our cpc bidding through Adobe. Q1 - Is the Adobe (default cpc $1.00) too low and not hitting the mark as reflected on the Google ads side and not serving ads because off very low bidding?(Screenshot) Adobe is getting little clicks and not gathering impressions on the valuable search terms that we want to target. Q2 - Is there a max adgroup per campaign best practice? I feel that 38 ad groups in a campaign for $50 a day is not very efficient. This is not something I would do on Google ads. Q3 - I found that most adroups had only 2 keywords, should this follow the same best practices as Google? Thank you! We really want to make this work for us but fear that we may not have the experienced managers we may need. 


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