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Reverse Feed from AMO/Adlens/SearchCenter


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The reverse feed that gets fed into SiteCatalyst includes specific information from SearchCenter/AMO.  Currently, Ad Destination URL is being sent over but Keyword Destination URL is not.

If your not setting the destination URL's at the Keyword level, your not following best practices.  As a use case, this information (keyword/destination url)  is commonly shared between the paid search team and the merchandising team, which are those that build landing pages.


The merchandisers need insight into what landing pages are associated to paid keywords.  Currently they can't get this data out of SiteCatalyst.  A simple fix would be to add keyword destination URL to the reverse feed.


A great enhancement for ALL AMO users.

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It's a great idea. The challenge with adding Keyword Destination URL as a classification being sent back into Analytics is that it is a dynamic attribute that can change at any moment -- whereas with Ad Destination URL there is an explicit 1-to-1 relationship between the ad ID and the destination URL (if you change the URL, you are actually deleting the old ad and creating a new one with a new ID). Not saying it's absolutely impossible, but because any user can change a keyword URL at any point of a given day, and because the search engines do not report data at the unique keyword-URL combination, no solution we put in place at the current time will be completely accurate.