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sagarkmr09 18-12-2019



We are planning to utilize SCORM feature in AEM, but had a few questions.

  1. Is FFmpeg installation mandatory for working with SCORM? Can we use MS SQL server or ASRP as an alternative for this?
  2. If the scope is SCORM feature in our application and we have communities license, do we still need the enablement license?
  3. Any demo link for the steps for using SCORM in the application?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Already answered few questions as part of daycare ticket. Posting here for public use:


1)Yes, mySQL is mandatory. No, you cannot use SQLServer or ASRP. You can have ASRP, JSRP or MSRP for core communities but for Enablement Communities you need mySQL.

2) Need to check with Adobe CSM/TAM

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