AEM 6.4.3 | Not able to edit any component

salman18j 27-12-2018


I am not able to open any edit dialog after installing AEM 6.4.3 service. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Errors are :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined

    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (page.8a9ad83c4b88a00fcbe6bfe0088d80c2.js:7541)

    at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:5226)

    at HTMLDocument.elemData.handle (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:4878)

    at Object.trigger (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:5130)

    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:5860)

    at Function.each (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:370)

    at jQuery.fn.init.each (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:137)

    at jQuery.fn.init.trigger (jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:5859)

    at core.d948d0239b13041ea18568bf195d9097.js:21715

    at jquery.5e8d3382f82b03b0bf3fea3024eecd61.js:3411

core.d948d0239b13041ea18568bf195d9097.js:1123 Parsing incoming message failed setImmediate$0.5162372643488027$3

receiveMessage @ core.d948d0239b13041ea18568bf195d9097.js:1123



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Bharath_valse 02-01-2019

Workaround: How to fix the issue


    Go to Package Manager

    Reinstall package ""

    Recompile all JSPs (http://<AEM HOST>:<AEM PORT/system/console/slingjsp)


    Restart the instance


   This workaround will documented in the release notes shortly

Answers (14)

Answers (14)

atyaf66 28-12-2018

smacdonald2008​ this is probably one of the worst upgrades I have had to deal with with regards to SP's...

I am seeing the same issue reported here, and it is only happening if you install SP2 ( and THEN install SP3 (
If you install SP3 on a base AEM instance ( then editing dialogs works fine.

The error is very clear, the file `/libs/cq/gui/components/siteadmin/admin/properties/FilteringResourceWrapper.jsp` is not in the repository. If I copy the file from a clean AEM 6.3 SP2 instance into my SP3 instance, I can edit dialogs in my SP3 instance.

This suggests to me that proper testing of the scenario described above was not tested before SP3 release (install SP2 -> install SP3). Might be an honest mistake, but I'd love to know if there is a path forward?

Somewhat related frustration notes

We upgraded to SP2 and found a major bug which I reported in a daycare ticket and also here: Parsys Limit code prevents adding components in AEM (SP2) · Issue #1545 · Adobe-Consulting-S...

Then we upgrade to SP3 yesterday, and this issue happens.. maybe you can understand my frustration

Hopefully adobe has a path forward for us.


mtremblay33 03-01-2019

We're having the exact same issue. Thanks salman18j for reporting this.

It is indeed pretty shocking that a bug like this made its way into SP3. Makes me question what else may be broken...

In any event, the workaround from Bharath valse is valid.

smacdonald2008 28-12-2018

Please report this to customer Care team so they can report to the Eng team and fix it. Obviously if there is a bug somewhere. Thank you!

Please note - Adobe is in Winter Shutdown until Jan 2.


Do you see any console errors in the browser console. Click F12 and check the browser console while trying to edit any component

manjeets5367412 27-12-2018


I am also having the same issue and not able to edit any of my components after installing 6.4.3. The previous AEM version was 6.4.2. When I checked the log file I found  a SlingExecption

Uncaught SlingException /libs/cq/gui/components/authoring/dialog/dialog.jsp(39,2) File "/libs/cq/gui/components/siteadmin/admin/properties/FilteringResourceWrapper.jsp" not found



smacdonald2008 27-12-2018

I am not seeing this either. I installed SP 6.4.3 and I am able to edit components.


Was your AEM Server an upgraded Server before you installed the SP?


I didn't face any issue with 6.4.3 SP. Are you observing this behavior in your custom code/project?


  • to bounce the server and check if the error still persists?
  • to edit We.Retail site components and observe the behavior

Share the page url/screenshot/logs about the issue accordingly.