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kalendaniel 20-09-2017

Do the individuals you share your workspace report with HAVE to have an account that is associated with the company/organization account that the report is associated with?  Meaning- our organization has to share reports with external individuals and partners and not all of them have an adobe ID / creative cloud id which is two seperate topics, but can any adobe creative cloud account have access to the reports we share via the link with Analysis Workspace?  Please advise- as we use a lot of scheduled xlsx reports with ad hoc and report builder and using those to build global docs with imports is a ton of work.  So it would make sense if there was a way to make it password protected and/or any cloud id can sign in and view a report that we share with them or it would be nice to have that option eventually to only allow certain email addresses access to it with a pw to share externally.  Is this on the roadmap in the future or does anybody know if this is possible to share reports via browser interface with some kind of external individual/group from your organization that doesn't have credentials for a cloud ID OR an account with your company under your adobe analytics account.  Thanks in advance.  I'm talking about when you share the link in AW by going to Share>Share/Copy Link to share the workspace report you create.  Thanks.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


If you're sending a file on a schedule, they do not need an account. The email arrives in their inbox with the report as an attachment.

If you're sending links where they access Workspace in the UI, they require an account. This is part of the 'Share Project' feature in Workspace.

If you want to send reports to individuals that don't have an Analytics login, use the Send File on Schedule feature.

If you want to send reports to individuals that already have an Analytics login, use the Share Project feature.

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