Campaign Tracking Reporting on an Angular 2 site

Bsmith320 02-03-2017

We have a text link on the home page of our main site The text link "text analyer" Beta goes to an Angular 2 site. For the month of February, the click-throughs were 7,675, but the page views for text analyzer home page 4,424. Can someone explain why the big difference. If this helps, I implemented the page level tracking using pushState.


Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Saurabh_Kumar1 03-03-2017

Try this - 
Within Campaign click-throughs report, Break Down by Pages (Site Content -> Pages) report & see if other pages (apart from "text analyzer home page") are recording the campaign tracking code value.
On the text analyzer home page, I tried to drag the "DAILY" document & could see the campaign tracking code being recorded for the pages "text analyzer progress" & "text analyzer results". This seems to be the potential reason for the issue you are reporting. 
I believe you'll need to clear campaign tracking variable after home page tracking request so that it does not propagate to subsequent tracking requests.

Let me know what you found.

Saurabh Kumar.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

Saurabh_Kumar1 07-03-2017

With your case, I think, within DTM rule set "Page URL" field value to %window.location.href%.
That ways you won't have "cid" URL parameter in page view tracking request for non-landing pages & hence campaign variable won't get recorded there.

Let me know if it helps.

Saurabh Kumar.

Bsmith320 06-03-2017

How do I clear the var0 (campaign variable) from reporting on the non-landing page? I've tried clear vars, but the campaign variable is not being passed through to the var0 on the landing page.

Bsmith320 03-03-2017

I did notice other pages were recording the campaign code in the pages report. Thank you very much for confirming the issue. I do clear the page and event tracking, but never thought to clear the campaign code.


Thank you,