Average Time between two Events

laetizia_w 21-02-2018

Is there a possibility or workaround to get the average time a visit needed between two Events without any implementation?

For example I am tracking a all search terms the user types into the search field and I am seeing a specific term occures many times afterwards.

term a

2minutes later

term a

3 minutes later

term a

I would like to get the 3+2/2=2,5 Minutes it took in between.

Does anyone know how to do so?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Short answer: Without implementation, unfortunately not. You can upvote this idea to request its inclusion though:

Time Between Events Calculation Ability

With implementation, there are a couple threads that might be of value:

Time Between Events

Average time between 2 suces events

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