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What is the best way to standardize what is shown when a user 'Opens Summary' in the new user experience?


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Good morning folks!

I've been moving users over to the new UX (only have a dozen or so users left to go) and I have been re-designing layouts along the way to leverage some of the customizations available to us. One area of concentration has been what a user sees when they 'Open Summary' while looking at a Project's Task list.

In our environment, most of our tasks start off assigned to a Team; which would mean that the 'Task Requests' customization of the layout template would be shown. That works great. As soon as the task is assigned to a team member, the visual, for the assignee will then show the 'Task Working On'. We leave the task assigned to the team as well, so, in our case the task is assign to UserX and TeamY. Works great, for UserX. As soon as the task is assigned, any member of TeamY is no shown a default summary (NOT shown the 'Task Working On' (not assigned to them so technically NOT working on it) OR 'Task Requests' (technically not 'Requested' work anymore b/c someone on the team volunteered to work on it).

My question: has anyone figured out a way to customize the default info presented to the User when they Open Summary on 1) a task assigned to someone else on their team, 2) a task assigned to a team they are not a member of or 3) a task assigned to any other user? I'd like the user to always see a series of custom fields that are relevant to their particular function/role, so no matter what task they open the summary for they see project / work packet info relevant to them. I'm guessing this isn't a supported scenario, but hoping I've missed something.

Any suggestions? Or is there an Idea out there already I can vote up?

Happy Holidays!


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