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WFPro Static Dashboard Idea


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I had this idea and it's something that I think would enhance our abilities in Workfront reporting. What if we had the ability to embed reports into dashboards in a view-only capacity while stripping away all of the other interactive elements of the report? Combined with the ability to share dashboards publicly as we can with reports today, we could leverage Workfront as a content management system similar to what Sharepoint does a terrible job at today. All it would take is to render the contents of the cells.

I've already built my SunTrust intranet presence in a Workfront dashboard with document, task, and user reports to create a content-rich experience, but it doesn't have that web-page feel due to all of the reporting elements. Now that WFPro Navigation is taking shape (see below), I've begun to see Workfront evolve into a content management system intertwined with work management. Does it get much better than that?

These screenshots illustrate the idea. What do you all think about this in Product and the community as an idea?





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Hi Narayan,

I agree that your After example is less cluttered and easier to read, so yes, if there was a "Content Management Mode" checkbox on a dashboard to strip away the peripheries, I can think of many situations where that would be helpful, and think this is worth proposing via Ideashare entry.

On the other hand (for you hobby enthusiasts)...

Having the luxury of being able to host web pages and some knowledge of html , I can kinda already do this (and, come to think of it, have already done so, in the past) by generating a public URL for each report, then embedding each URL within a simple web page (see below).








[public url to report 1]



... etc.





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Thank you @Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore for the ideas and, of course, for suggesting I look at the "Stylebot" Chrome extension. By adjusting the stylesheet to strip away the extra elements and space, dashboards in Workfront now truly expand to the full size of the browser. And with WFPro Navigation, there's no longer a need for the entire top bar in the application. Much more to come in this thread... Check. It. Out.



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You've exceeded my expectations once again Narayan. Well done!

This opens a universe of possibilities.