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Using Request Queue for Agile teams with Projects


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My Team is starting to implement Agile principles through Workfront at the moment. During some discovery sessions we ran into something that I'm not quite sure is right in the tool.

Here is the scenario we were testing:

  • We'd like to use a request queue to trigger work for the team.
  • Often these requests end up being multiple tasks assigned to various people on the team to complete not just one thing for one person to complete.

I set up a request queue and have the requests route to the agile team. We take the request and convert it to a project using a template where it has the multiple tasks scheduled out to the proper teams

When I go back to the Kanban board it has both the original request (even though it's set to be resolved by the project) and now all the project tasks as well.

Are we missing something in the set up of this for the team? Why would the original issue and the new tasks all still show even though it's set to be resolved on the back end?0694X00000DW8eYQAT.jpg


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Hi @Kellie Gardner‚ - great question. I'm going to tag @All Discussions‚ , since this is more of a technical implementation question rather than an Agile methodology or coaching question. And, I think @Brian Toplicar - inactive‚ was looking into an answer for you, so I'm tagging him here to make sure we get back to you asap!


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Hello @Kellie Gardner‚ ! When you select the "Keep the original request and tie its resolution to the project" option this will keep the original request until the resolving project is marked complete. You will have to remove this manually from the issue (in the edit section) by removing the resolving object or delete the issue itself. Additionally you can unselect the "Keep original request...." option to achieve the same effect. Please let me know if this makes sense or you need any additional help!


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Sorry for the late reply to this thread. This seems to have worked for the set up I have. Thanks for clarifying, since this is different than typical project management we have set up in the system I was lost on how to do it. Appreciate the guidance.


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Not an answer -- but one of our long 'pet peeves' is that a request queue can't be instructed to create a TASK vs Issue. This would help in many ways - especially to help leverage the new'ish Work Balancer. I understand that functionality would require fusion - but upper management doesn't agree ;-)

I suspect that type of workflow would also lend itself to the OPs workflow question here.