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Using Custom Data to set the status of a Task


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Here's my scenario We are deploying a new way to access apps remotely and securely using some VMWare products. Each app needs to be packaged and deployed. We've built the list of apps in a schedule as tasks with custom data applied to each task. The custom data for each task is information that needs to be tracked for each application, like who the audience is for that application, who will test the application, what type of application, etc. I then created a task report that just shows the applicaiton name (Task name) and all of the custom data associated with it. The technicians who will be packaging the applicaitons will go to this report and inline update all the various information regarding to it right in the report. Then I attached an approval process that if the application (again is the Task) is set to complete, it would kick off the approval process for the sign off. Here's the dilemma We want to make it easy as possible for the technician and not have to worry about percent complete or task status. I know that i can create a custom status for a task that would say something like "Submit for Approval" that equates to Complete and then have the technician change the status as one of the columns in the report. The issue with that is since the Group status is not ready yet, I dont want to put in that status update and have all the users see it and then the technician have to scroll through the task status to find the Submit to Approval one. What Idealy i'd like to be able to do is set up a custom calculated column that would be just a dropdown and one selection would be "Submit for Approval". When the technician changes that field to that selection, I would have a calaculated column that would look at that status and then change the task status to 'CPL', which would then kick off the approval process. I don't know if this is possible. I've done a calculated column before that is reverse, that checks if a task is set to 'CPL, then set a custom field to equal something and that worked. Does that make sense? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks! Scott

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