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task notes field


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I notice that there is a field for notes within a task when creating a report.  However, I can't field that field when in the task details.  Does anyone know where I would find that field?  I want to add it to a report.  My goal is to give people a way to include notes to a project.  If this isn't possible to directly do it in a report, are there any suggestions on how I can allow people to add notes and for me to pull those notes into my report.

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Hi Karen, 


Are you referring to Last Note and Has Notes? If so, these are pointing to the Updates Section of the Task. Any comms that occur at the Task level will populate this. Last Note can be tricky is it will only show the most recent Update conversation. 


If there is another "Notes" field you are referencing, this could be a custom field. You can look for this in the Custom Forms>Fields section of Setup and do a search on that field name to see what Custom Form this field is attached to. 


I hope this was helpful.




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I use this field to accomplish what you are attempting to accomplish.