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Request forms within company intranet


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My organization is looking to implement a program where we ask employees to come up with ideas for transformational change. And we are looking at Workfront as our platform to intake those ideas and evaluate them. To do this effectively, we'd like to keep the form submission process inside our company intranet - not route employees out to our Workfront instance to submit a request/idea. Is anyone currently doing this via their intranet? Are you using a "dummy" Workfront user account for all form submissions (tracking requestor by form fields) or do all employees have an official Workfront account? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Becka Johns Project Manager, Process Improvement ProMedica
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Becka, The short answer is, yes, IF you create the webform on your intranet and integrate it with Workfront. Here is the long answer showing 2 examples, one without an integration and one with the integration. The first example uses the companies internal wiki where they put the request link in the wiki. When the employee clicks on the link it takes them directly to Workfront, to the request form and they start filling it out. This works best if you have SSO with auto-provisioning turned on so that a person who is not currently in Workfront will automatically be setup as a Requestor and can submit the form. This does require everyone to enter the request in Workfront but allows them to start within your intranet. Example 2 is to create an integration that has a webform on your intranet that allows anyone without a license in Workfront to submit the webform and then it gets pushed into Workfront for the team to work on. This is an integration utilizing the API and sits behind your firewall on your server and when they submit the form the integration pushes it into Workfront as a request. I hope this helps you know what options you have. Thanks! David
DAVID A. TAYLOR Founder & Managing Consultant