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Reporting using start date and end date from 2 different tasks?


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I am trying to create a report that uses the WEEKDAYDIFF expression to get a day count, the trick is I'm trying to do it based on the start time of one task and the end time of a completely separate task.

My first attempt was to create a custom form for each task that referenced the start date from one task (Start Date DHA Onsite) and then the end date for another task (Actual DHA Draft Report Completion). I added the custom created task form to each task and confirmed it was pulling the intended date for the project. I then created a report filtering for those two tasks and confirmed the same dates were showing within the report. From there I created a custom text column with the expression below trying to use the dates from the custom task form fields i created. However, I appear to be missing something as it does report anything. Guessing expressions don't work with custom created fields or possibly something is wrong with my syntax?

displayname=Week Day Difference
valueexpression=WEEKDAYDIFF({Start Date DHA Onsite},{Actual DHA Draft Report Completion})

I also tried the same by creating a custom task form and using a calculated field with the same expression, however that one did not report anything either.

Any ideas? Chris Guffey Lewellyn Technology
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I am doing this. Could not figure out how to do it in WF, so i decided it was easier to export my data (the two tasks) to a spreadsheet and calculate using excel. It was using up too much time otherwise. exporting is quick and easy. Benetta Perry APS