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Reporting Quarterly Projects


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Hey wise forum! Can someone please help me create a report that I can use to report on all projects that are active (current, on hold, planning) as well as all projects that have been started, were completed or were marked dead between the dates of the report (ideally quarterly and maybe adjusted for the year). I'm having trouble using the wildcard filters for "this quarter" or even using the "dates between" to set time frames. I'd love to get a full report with all of those projects but maybe I need to create a few different reports to cover everything? Is anyone using a similar report or help me set something like this up? Dana Strauss Sr. Multimedia Designer Strategy, Marketing & Communications

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Hi Dana, I noticed that no one had replied to this so I thought I would give it a shot! There is not a straight forward way to get projects that were marked 'Dead' in the quarter, but assuming that no updates are made to the project after it is marked dead, this should work: statusEquatesWith=CUR PLN ONH statusEquatesWith_Mod=in OR:1:entryDate=$$TODAYbq OR:1:entryDate_Mod=between OR:1:entryDate_Range=$$TODAYeq OR:2:actualCompletionDate=$$TODAYbq OR:2:actualCompletionDate_Mod=between OR:2:actualCompletionDate_Range=$$TODAYeq OR:3:previousStatus=CUR OR:3:previousStatus_Mod=in OR:3:statusEquatesWith=DED OR:3:statusEquatesWith_Mod=in OR:3:lastUpdateDate=$$TODAYbq OR:3:lastUpdateDate_Mod=between OR:3:lastUpdateDate_Range=$$TODAYeq Nothing fancy done in text mode, just easier to copy/paste this way. You can change back to standard mode to see the options I picked. Hope this helps! Sarah Nau Dominium