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Repeating deliveries: Do empty reports send?


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I think I'm going crazy. Last year I had several users assure me that if a report was empty, "Repeating Deliveries" didn't send them anything. I'm not seeing that to be the case, and I've been getting an empty report every day this week. Are they supposed to send, if they are empty? That's a bit sad. -skye
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Hi, Skye. Yes, if you have Workfront auto-sending you a report, it will come to you even if it contains no data. I actually consider this a good thing: many of my auto-generated reports are are of the auditing variety, and if they contain results that means I have to go in and fix something. If the reports are empty, I just delete them and move on. ~Eric Eric Manning Language Line Translation Solutions


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Hi Skye,


Long time no talk!  I hope you are well.


This was almost 4 1/2 years ago for you, but I was asked about this topic this morning.  I know that my blank reports send, but am wondering if the option to not send blank reports was ever discussed as a possible add (idea)?