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PTO Request Process - How this is approved and entered in to the Time off calendar


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The following is our PTO request process: Does anyone have a similar process and how do you use Workfront to manage your process.


How to enter your PTO: Workfront 

  1. Request Time-off  PTO by filling out the Time Off Request
  2. Once approved, mark your Time-off in Workfront - See Steps Below 
    1. Click on Menu Icon in top right
  1. Click on your name
  1. Click on Time Off (in the left-hand nav)
  1. Select the dates you have approval to take PTO for and click save
  2. When entering your time in your timesheet, enter it on the PTO line at the bottom of your timesheet



  1. To track your used PTO in the report in Workfront


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We do...as much as I would love this to be in Workday and not Workfront.

Also, we do not use Fusion, which would work wonders for automation on this.

We have a Time Off request with an approval process.

Once the Time Off is approved by the manager, I manually update the issue status to Approved (would be great if this was automated w. out Fusion)

The requester marks the days off on their Personal Time Off Calendar for resource and capacity puproses and so it will show they are off on their team's calendar.

After they take their time off, they add this to their personal time off calendar.

I have 2 Time Off Reports

1 Shows Time Off Requests

2. Shows how many hours they have off for the year and how many hours they have taken. Would need Fusion to show the remaining, but it's simple math.


Let me know if you would like to meet and I can show you the process and reports.