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Projected Date vs. Actual Date


Level 3
Hello, I have sort of a two part question for a project report I am creating. I am trying to show a high level status of completion dates: I want to show the difference between Planned Completion, and Projected Completion, and can I make one more column that shows the original due date, and the date someone manually moved it out to? A) So, is projected complete date an algorithm that takes all the incomplete tasks and durations left in a job and calculates the projection of when it will be done? Even if it's one or two tasks and we know it will get done on a certain date, it is still doing the math for us? B) And as I said above. Sometimes we want to move out a planned complete date for a variety of reasons. So we will push the tasks out. Short of going in the updates area and seeing all the updates made, can I report on this was the original planned date, and now it's this? Thank you in advance! Mike Mike Marando Excelsior College
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Level 10
Hi Mike, Yes, your understanding in A is correct: Workfront's Projected Completion Dates will do the math for you and predict the expected end dates of the Tasks (and therefor, the Project). For your B item, I'd suggest you consider taking a Baseline of the Project, and then doing a Baseline Report (or Baseline Task Report) to compare the original (baselined) dates against the current Planned Date. To show such slippage, I sometimes turn the Baseline option on in the (legacy) Gantt – it makes for a powerful visual, especially if you screen cap it and add some "what happened here" callouts. Regards, Doug