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Kickstarts: Adding task dates to Projects with Templates


Level 6
Hi. I'm trying to do a kickstart as follows: 1) Insert 800 projects on PROJ tab 2) Each project has a Template ID value in the setTemplateID column on the PROJ tab 3) The Template has specific tasks that I want to import the dates as those were in the past;I'm assuming I set these dates on the TASK tab of the Kickstart template When I just test- run the PROJ tab import with no values on the TASK tab of the Kickstart template, it correctly sets up each imported project with the associated Template ID so when I look at any imported project after running the kickstart, it already has all tasks from the Template I set up with it. For the most part, this is what we want. My question is, how can I set the dates (and other info) for these tasks if the PROJ tab is already creating the Tasks? I'm guessing I can't import dates for tasks already created? It would be really sad if I had to NOT set the Template ID on PROJ tab which auto-creates the thousands of tasks we want imported, just so I can include dates, statuses, %complete on a handful of the tasks on each project. Thanks, M.L. M.L. de la Rosa Genentech
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Hi M.L., Kickstarts only allow insertion of data, so -- given the benefits of having the TemplateID automatically generate the Tasks of interest -- I invite you to do so, and consider using our "https://store.atappstore.com/product/excel-updater/" Excel Updater solution to then update those Tasks with the historic dates (and other info). Regards, Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore