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Is there a way / workaround to trigger a customer email (for example: reminder notification) when a [custom] status changes?


Level 2

I'm looking to create some custom status states (to coincide with an actual status of In Progress/Closed), but based off of the custom status, I'm interested in firing off a custom reminder notification to the individual assigned to the user/issue requestor.

Any ideas on how to do so? Or other ideas on how to make that happen--even if a workaround?


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Level 7

That's a great question and would work well for us, but I never found a solution.

My workaround was then tie individual tasks into milestone stages, and then set up notifications for milestones. I created Outlook rules for them to filter out the ones I don't want. I'm not sure if this is the best solution or workable for you.


Level 2
This is a great workaround, and would prob answer the ask for about 70% of the use case (our internal project mgmt. team), but I’d still be needing the notification to trigger to the requestor that created the issue for my team to work. Thanks for the suggestion, though!


Level 5

Hi Roxanne. Fusion would be a great solution for this if you happen to have it. Fusion could monitor for the status change, then immediately send a directed update notification and/or email to specific user/s.

I've actually used it in the past to step it up a notch further and send out custom 'graphical marketing-style' HTML emails to non-Workfront users based on activity in Workfront. e.g. project-related notifications to customers, non-Workfront colleagues/management etc.

If you'd like further info on this please reach out!