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Is there a way to report on how long a task is In Progress?


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Hello, I searched the previous posts for this topic, but didn't really see anything. I apologize if this has been covered somewhere else. Essentially, we are trying to create a task report that shows which active tasks have been In Progress for longer than their planned duration. So here's my (2-part) challenge, in case anyone is up for it? Part 1: A few weeks ago, someone had inquired about reporting on the number of days a project has been open. Along the same lines, Is there a way to add a column to a task report that would display the number of days an active task has been in the In progress state? I don't think the Task Actual Duration field would work here because the task would still be active. Part 2: Assuming that there is an answer for Part 1 --- How would you set the report filter to show only those tasks where the number of days In Progress is longer than the task planned duration? So for example, a planned duration for a task might be 2 days. If the task has been In Progress for 3 days, then it would appear on the report. Thanks in advance! Victor Victor Mendez MFS Investment Management

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Hi Victor, Although this isn't technically quite what your asked for, as a base, I'd suggest you try a Task Filter where: Actual Start Date is not blank Actual Completion Date is blank (these first two combined meaning "In Progress") Projected Completion Date > Planned Completion Date (meaning "whoops: going to miss") If, once you see the results, you can then use them to explain examples that aren't quite what you want, I'd be happy to take another run at it. Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore Got Skills? Lend a hand! https://community.workfront.com/participate/unanswered-threads