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Is it possible to "migrate" existing work management data from SharePoint platform into Workfront?


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Hi all,

I have a situation where an existing SharePoint platform contains all project management data having work requests, assignments, project plans, progress etc and we have to re-create and implement this platform on to Workfront. I have an understanding that the only way to input data into WF is through the UI and there is no other method (e.g. through a script) to write data into WF backend data-store. Is that correct?


If we have to perform an "initial data migration" from SharePoint into Workfront, is that at all feasible? If so, how?


I know that Fusion can create WF objects through automation based on activities performed on other systems but that is when organization people start to use the Workfront platform. Is there a way to migrate history data is what my question is.


Thank you


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Hi @ShantanuSinhaTCS,


How to load existing data into a Workfront is a good question (in fact, I'm surprised it's not asked more often), but does have several possible answers, so to help point you in the right direction(s), I'll mention a few keywords you might want to search and consider:


  • Workfront does have an API which -- with some technical experience and guidance -- you could use to push data from external source(s) into Workfront, most often, these days, using Fusion (as you mentioned)
  • Workfront also offers Kickstarts, with which you can insert data into Workfront using Excel
  • In place of and/or addition to Kickstarts, our Excel Updater solution also lets you update certain key objects (e.g. Projects, Tasks, Issues, Users, etc.) within Workfront using Excel, including custom data
  • If you are loading historic (vs in flight) Project data, you might also consider using Templates within Workfront as a proxy for the key Tasks and Milestones among your historic data (rather than having to load all the gory details)