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I have a custom form that has several fields with many checkbox selections that I want to replicate (clone) on the same form


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Is there a way to take a field in a form and copy it or clone it so that it would have the same selections just a different name. Basically I want to have the requester select an action like Add or Delete or both. The field I want to clone would display with the name (add) or name (delete) or if both add and delete are selected the both drop down fields would display. I hope I am clearly explaining what I want to do; the goal is to allow requesters to request bot actions (add/delete) in one request and identify what they want to add or delete.

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You’re going to have to recreate the field and adjust the name slightly since you can’t have two fields with the exact name. We often append 1, 2, 3, etc. onto the field name to make things easy. If your field has a lot of choices, a kickstart would be the quickest way to create the field. My man Karlton has a kickstart template for fields/parameters I could dig up if you’re interested. -Narayana