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How do I determine how billable a user is (determining the time a user spent on billable work, compared to the total number of hours they have available in a week, year, quarter).


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Hi all, I need help with some calculations, or just where to find something that seems like it should already be a part of Workfront by default.

I want to determine what percent of a given time period a user was billable. I have a custom form for my projects that flags if it is billable or not. I want to take any hour that was submitted in a time sheet for a billable project, and divide that by the time that person had available to work (most have 40 hours per week). I would settle for this on a weekly basis, but would also like to see it monthly, quarterly and yearly.

As a bonus, it would be great to see this against the user's utilization target (this is another custom form I have for each user).

Any help would be great. All of the canned reports or tools within WF show this information on the project or portfolio level, but not the user level.


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Do your users have to fill up that 40h norm-time per week?


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For the most part, yes. A timesheet should always have at least 40 hours on it. We do have a couple people that only work 4 days a week, so they are only putting 32 hours on their timesheets.


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So we solved this for us with a hour report that displays as a chart (bars, stacked to a 100%). Since our employees have to fill their whole norm-time in timesheets (so if they are employed for 40h the have to fill at least 40h), we have a custom form on all projects to determine if a project is Billable, Non-Billable-Internal or Non-Billable-External (client work that isn't paid). We use this field as grouping in the report :-)


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Congratulations Kris,

You are about to calculate Utilization natively within Workfront, which is a valuable and longstanding challenge that will benefit many, many people.

With a little elbow grease, I suggest you bend the technique used to calculate Annual Average Requests Per Day to (similarly) calculate the Percent Billable Per Week (or Month, or Quarter, or Year), Rather than a “denominator of 365, grouped by year”, you will want to use 40 (or even better, the user level utilization parameter you mentioned), grouped by week; and then (eg) 40/12*52 grouped by month, 40/4*52 grouped by quarter, and 40*52 grouped by year, respectively.

I am excited to hear how you make out, and do let me know if you need a hand ‚Äî I’d be happy to help!