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Help -- Calculating and Formatting "Actual Duration" of a Task


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Hello, I'm looking for help to conditionally format the value of this custom field that I stumbled upon the other day. It calculates the time between Handoff and Completion Date of a task. I'm trying to change the color of the value to red if it is greater than the Planned Duration field we use that's measured in Days. 1) Is this the correct way to determine the true "Duration" of how long it took a task to complete 2) Can someone provide the formatting syntax aggregator.displayformat=HTML aggregator.function=SUM aggregator.valueexpression=CONCAT(ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualCompletionDate},{handoffDate}),2)," Days") aggregator.valueformat=HTML descriptionkey=resolutiontime.descr displayname=Handoff to Complete linkedname=direct namekey=resolutionTime textmode=true valueexpression=CONCAT(ROUND(DATEDIFF({actualCompletionDate},{handoffDate}),2)," Days") valuefield=resolutionTime valueformat=HTML AJ Hamzehpour UnitedHealthcare
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