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Font Size in Reports


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Hi all! Does anyone know of a way to change the font size for a report? We are using an automated report to create agendas for a weekly meeting and some folks are finding the font size hard to read.

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I want to know this, too! But I have heard that it is not an option. I don't know why they think 7 pt font is a readable size (I checked it in Adobe Acrobat). You don't want to go below 8 pt for regular reading. Leah Janz Metro Transit


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Hi Barb and Leah,

This one comes with a proceed-at-your-own-risk warning, but I did just figure out a way to increase the font size on a report (in this example, the name of a task):



The result in my browser (Chrome) was that the Name column appeared in a font that looks about 25% larger on screen...but it is not honored when the report is exported to PDF or Excel: the <big>...</big> simply appear as text. Also, since this approach is no longer considered best practice, I'd suggest you apply it sparingly, if you do choose to use it.




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Thanks Doug - I'll have to think about whether or not to use this method. The exported PDF was my main concern, though. Appreciate your help!