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Entering Planned Hours and Having the Duration, Planned Start and End Dates Determined Based on Planned Hours


Level 1
OK....So that's a long subject. We used to be able to (for a task), enter planned hours and Workfront would figure the duration, planned start, and planned end dates based on the resource assigned. Not sure what parameter has changed, but now....when I add a task (or change one) and enter planned hours, the duration stays zero, the planned start and end dates remain blank. Any ideas or suggestions on what to try? Greg Simpson Alex Lee
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Level 10
Hi, here is my understanding of Duration Types Calculated Work: You put in duration and % allocation of assignees and the system comes up with the planned hours Calculated Assignment: You put in Duration and Planned hours and the system comes up with User % allocation Effort Driven: You put in the planned hours and user % allocation and the system comes up with duration Simple Duration: Duration, planned hours, and assigned hours per user can all be manually entered I think you want to use Effort Driven task duration type. Anthony Imgrund FCB