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Dropdown Fields: Max Number of Values


Level 6

Hi, does anybody have any experience with Dropdown fields that contains hundreds of values?

I looked at the Workfront documentation to see if there were any thresholds or a recommended amount of values to stay within but couldn't find any concrete answers. In my testing, I was able to create a field with 1000 values (our field wouldn't have this many values but I wanted to see if it would work) and didn't run into any issues when editing custom forms, editing the field in a list, etc.

Does anybody have a field with this many values? (500 - 1000) Have you encountered any issues with the field?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi Justin,

We don't have a cut off amount right now that I could find.... however, an informal answer is that if you did 1000+ values in a drop down maybbbbee there could be performance issues (not saying there will be, but also not saying there won't be), but we haven't tested a drop down quite to the numbers you're asking about in any formal way.

Thinking about this from the user perspective ... 500-1000 seems like a LOT of options to scroll through to find what selection I'm looking for. That's my 2 cents anyway.



Level 10

Hi Justin,

From an "html footprint" perspective, in order to test how much is too much, I suggest you put your sample dropdown into a list report and see how it performs (which, spoiler alert, might then curb your enthusiasm....).