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Data Copy - Planned Completion


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Hello - We are working on some internal reporting and have created various custom forms and have got it for the most part!! I have a custom form with fields @ the project level, then have the same custom form/fields @ the task level. The fields w/i in the form @ the task level are copied data such as CONCAT(Project.Go Live Date) so that the info is auto populated. We are applying this form to only task #1; this task line is always the name of the project and the reason we're only applying here is because we want a task level report. This is where I'm stuck... On this task level custom form/fields, I want fields that copy over the data from the planned completion dates on the tasks themselves, however.. Not only task #1, but several tasks. I can get it to work but only for task 1. (Caveat though, the task numbers we're looking to gather data from will not always be 2--> 5 as shown in the screenshot attached) See the screenshot attached for what we're trying to accomplish... Any help is greatly appreciated. Jordan Martinson LeaseTeam, Inc.
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Hi @Jordan Martinson - Child tasks are available as a collection on the parent task (task 1). I'm not sure if you would be able to access this from a calculated field , but you can put the following on a project view, and it will list any child tasks and their due dates: displayname=Child Tasks listdelimiter= listmethod=nested(children).lists textmode=true type=iterate valueexpression=CONCAT("* ",{name}," - ",{plannedCompletionDate}) valueformat=HTML David Cornwell