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Customizing General Hour Types -> Request for Improved functionality. Am I alone on this one?


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We have been using Workfront since 2012. One of the gaps we had identified back then, is still a requirement for us now, and doesn't seem to be on the radar for Workfront is the ability to add custom data to General Hour Types. We have custom forms on our Projects, with a field called Project Schedule Type. We use this field to classify hours logged by resources to provide a high level breakdown of where time is being spent (Projects, Service Requests, Support, Admin Work, and Admin Leave). We want to be able to provide a summary to managers/supervisors of a full week, month, etc. of how a resources time is broken out. It also helps to identify resources that may have failed to log time for a day, week, or month. The problem we had when we attempted to use General Hour Types is that since we can't create our custom field "Schedule Type" on that object. Any hours logged to the General Hour Types would result in a "no value" displaying on our reports by Schedule Type (which makes sense because this field cannot be defined on that object). Our solution at the time was to create "projects" for Admin Work and Admin Leave so that we could normalize how ALL hours were needing to be reported. However, with new features rolling out related to resource scheduling, etc. the presence of these "admin" projects clutters the views. So we basically fixed one problem only to create a future one; especially since there is no easy way to filter the admin projects off the different resource views, etc. I'd like to know if anyone has struggled with the lack of flexibility to add custom data to the General Hour Types, what other solutions have you used, and has anyone else pursued and enhancement request with Workfront on this? I really don’t want to have to keep building reports outside of Workfront because of really simple things like this. It seems like it should be a worth-while enhancement to enable us to create custom data on General Hour Types.

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I'm seeing that we appear to have the ability to add custom hour types. The issue I am experiencing is that if you create the project to "Filter Hours" to Yes, then choose the hour type you want to use on the project. If you only select one hour type (Task Time is not in the list to select) and then assign yourself to one of the tasks on the project, when the timesheet record is written, it is written as "Task Time" instead of the selected hour type. The ability to change the task type is not there. Michael Schutte Odw Logistics, Inc.