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Calulating a value in a report leveraging two aggregated field


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Hi, So I have a Task based matrix report with Project names going down the left side and Job roles across the top. The goal is to show for each project the actual cost, actual hours and rate for each role associated with the project. We would like to calculate the rate (I would not mind displaying the actual rate too to make sure everything is calculating correctly but that is not necessary at this time) So I have Actual costs and Actual hours summed together for all tasks in each project totalling under each job roll. I am trying to Divide the actual cost by actual hours to calculate the per hour rate but it is not working "Div({actualCost,actualHours}). I am assuming because I need to divide the aggregate cost and hours but I do not know how to do that. I tried to create a custom form but I do not see a aggregator function. Any thoughts? Thanks. Rough example of the matrix (I attached a screenshot too) Studio Account Traffic Project A - Actual Cost $10 $20 $10 Actual Hours 1 4 .5 Rate $10 $5 $5
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