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calculation of Quality Percentage


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I have created a custom form to calculate quality score.


there are e sections in this form one is which shows quality impact field, second field is Error fields and third field is where quality percentage will be calculated.


in the custom form i have 3 options Error, No error and NA

i wrote formula below formula is quality implact field 

SUM(IF({DE:Primary Template}!="NA","1"),
IF({DE:Template Name}!="NA","1"),  like this 19 steps since my cutome form has 19 fields
Under Error field i wrote below formula for 19 fields 
SUM(IF({DE:Primary Template}="Error"||{DE:Primary Template}="No Error","1"),
IF({DE:Template Name}="Error"||{DE:Template Name}="No Error","1"),
finally for quality percentage i wrote this formula
CONCAT(ROUND(DIV(SUB({DE:Quality Impact Fields Calc},{DE:Error fields calc}),{DE:Quality Impact Fields Calc}),2)*100,"%")
once the custome for is filled and all 19 points in form is fille wither with Error,No error or NA and i save the form i should see
Quality impact field : a number should be seen
Error field : number showing how many error fields i marked should be seen
Quality percentage : i should see the quality percentage.
but this is not happening , Am i missing anything in logic, plz can some one help.
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