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Box Integration with WF Projects - display issue.


Level 9

For those of you that use the Box integration, is there any hiccups you have noticed. We're piloting it currently and we're running into inaccurate display information.


Specifically, when Team Member B uploads a document in Box, in Workfront it will always show Team Member A (who setup the project)


Although Gina Smith uploaded it in Box:


It's show that I uploaded it in Workfront:



It seems like a WF issue not a Box issue - anyone have any solutions?



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Level 1

I have users with my customer reporting this issue too.  They are very frustrated. I'm thinking this should be escalated to support. 


Level 9

Hi there.


We stopped using  Box integration completely and I suggest you do the same.

We discovered that when a comment is added to File A in Box Folder 1, and you move File A to Box Folder 2 you lose all historical record tracking, commenting, approval - anything that happened in Workfront disappears. 


We could not chance having the 'system of record' altered due to this glitch so we are no longer integrating Box and Workfront.


We have opted against storing any documents in Workfront and store them solely in Box at this point because of that.