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Agile - story vs. task management


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I'm trying to move some of my work over to an agile flow (Kanban, specifically, although Scrum could be the approach), but I'm running into an issue with subtask visibility. If a "story" (parent task) is moved into the board (or iteration, in Scrum), its child tasks are not, and there is no indication that there are any additional tasks requiring action. Is there a way to either clearly indicate the presence of sub-tasks, or alternately, to filter the backlog so that only sub-tasks are visible and stories cannot be added? (The Kanban backlog doesn't appear to actually be filterable at all - which seems like a big missing piece.) Thanks for any help! Nik Engrain

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Hi there! We found this to be an issue in our org. as well. In workfront's documentation, it states you cannot have both the parent AND the child assigned to the agile team. Technically you can certainly put that team in the assignments, but both won't show up. The workaround we came up with (before we decided to ditch it and move to scrum) was to have ONLY the child tasks assigned to the agile team and then group by the parent tasks and/or display the parent tasks in a column on the view. Long story short, we decided to plan in iterations which is where scrum came into play for us. Scrum views will absolutely support what you're asking for on the storyboard. It won't really show the parent-child relationship in the backlog which IMO is a big miss. But again, we have the backlog tasks grouped by the parent task and have the estimate, planned start & planned completion dates summarized so you can see them in the collapsed view.


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This may not be your situation, but we assign the parent to the team so the story appears on the board. The child tasks are assigned to team members based on job role and capacity. In our world, any designer on the team can claim the child task, and the PM puts their name on it. True, you have to open the story to to see the child/sub tasks, but we rely on team members to know what they're working on. Not perfect, but it works for us. For now, anyway. Michelle Yard Manager, Marketing Operations Insperity Houston, Texas