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Agile story - is a subtask?


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Hi, I am used to gantt chart and task planning and I am currently working to 'merge' Agile efforts done by one of our team. I can easily fit their agile structure within the overall project gantt but I realize something not working as expected. When a member from an Agile team creates a story, he needs to define what is the parent project and parent task and so on... I was planning on keeping the gantt chart as a macro project view and allowing for the agile team creating their stories. Parent task * Planned hours: 154 hours * Duration: 2 weeks As soon as I create a story, it looks like it's managed like a subtask and forces the planned hours and duration of the parent task to become the sum of all stories/subtask. Am I getting this right? Is there any way to avoid having the relation between the two and to simply track the story process and compare it to the gantt planification without having the two linked directly?
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