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Workload Balancer - Planned vs. Actual Rollover


Level 10


If a given amount of time is allotted in Workload Balancer is not used-up by the end of the week, it should be automatically re-allocated to the following week as a surplus.

If for some reason, such as a user adding hours late, this "surplus" would diminish accordingly.

We just feel like not having this means the automatic-ness of Workload Balancer's allocation abilities is a fascade because we still have to manually move those hours forward.

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Level 2


I think my requests wish is the same.

If a 6 "planned hour" task has a three-day allocation i.e. 2 hours each across Mon, Tue and Weds... but the designer does nothing on Monday, ...Tues and Weds NOW show 3 planned hours needed.