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Warning pop-up when you are about to send an update without notifying anyone.


Level 5


Similar to the new "Undo" pop-up message, can we add a warning pop-up when you are about to send an update without notifying anyone? This would tremendously help because despite constant reminders, people share updates without tagging people, creating many missed communications.



Level 5


I received feedback related to this for a related idea, so I am going to post it here in case they can/should be combined.

Whenever you upload a document, trigger a prompt/pop-up to ask 'Who you do want to tell about this?' thus encouraging the user to tag any recipients so that the upload is not missed by those who should be notified.

I do realize I could enable email notifications for 'Document Add to Project Owner' and 'Document Add to Project Team' but because of our configuration, we do not want to enable these across the board. Rather, we'd like it controlled by the person uploading each individual file, but with a guided prompt.


Level 3


Our users are looking for this feature as well. While there are reasons why someone would want to post an Update to a project where they truly don’t need to notify anyone – in my experience, that is the more rare situation. Usually Updates are for one or more members of the team.


Level 4


Adding on to this. It would be great to add a pop-up or warning when someone is commenting on their own user feed (i.e. not a request or other object).